The Station Hotel

Our Bar

A Welcoming & Lively Bar in the Heart Of Scotland

Savour the artistry of our cocktails, each a unique blend of flavours crafted to perfection.
Delight in our bar food, offering mouthwatering bites that perfectly complement your drink.
Enjoy a selection of beers, from classic lagers to craft ales, all served perfectly chilled.
Explore our extensive whisky collection, featuring rare whiskys from around Scotland.
Discover our curated wine list, showcasing fine wines that cater to every palate and occasion.
Catch live sports action on our screens, making every game an exciting, shared experience.

Enjoy Our Whisky Bar

Dive into the pages of our Whisky Bible, your comprehensive guide to understanding the art of whisky. Learn about different whisky regions, tasting notes, and the stories behind our handpicked selection.